Place of origin: Greece
Growingarea: it was first cultivated in Calabria, and it then spread into Campania and Puglia
Leaf: medium size, Hobed, dark green, smooth upper surface, light green and slightllytomentose under surface
Cluster: medium small, very compact, conical-cylindrical, often winged
Ripens: first decade in October
Average cluster weight: 200 gr
Wine characteristics: when vinified alone, gold yellow, harmonious, low acidity, with delicate bouquet. Can produce excellent dessert wines.



Place of origin: Greece (the Morea)
Growing area: Puglia
Leaf: medium large, 5-lobed, deep green upper surface, light green undersurface, tomentose
Cluster: large, long, pyramidal, winged
Ripens: third decade of September-first decade of October
Average duster weight: 350 gr
Wine characteristics: yields a deep straw-yellow wine, very light bouquet, savoury, with biUerish finish. IUs usually blended with other grapes.



Origin: familiar alreadytothe ancienlLatins. Since bees (api) were attracted to its sweet clusters, itwas known as apiano, and this name later becamefiano.
Growing area: Avellino area, and some two centuries ago it was introduced into the Murgia area ofTaranto and Bari.
Leaf: medium, rounded, 3-lobed, light green upper surface, cottony undersurface
Cluster: medium small
Ripens: third decade of Septem ber-first decade of October
Average cluster size: 200 gr
Wine characteristics: faded straw-yellow, pleasant, crisp, light, dry, harmonious, with at times a roasted hazelnut flavour

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